What is 3FPS?

3FPS is an open-source RPG/FPS where players can be whoever they want. You could be the noble hero who stands for justice and order, or be the villain who spreads chaos and is willing to have others die for his cause.

What's the difference between 3FPS and fffps?

3FPS and fffps are the same thing, they both stand for Free Fantasy First Person Shooter. fffps is the projects Unix name, simply a Unix name cannot start with a number and is all lower-case (a Unix name is more then that but I doubt most people care). 3FPS is just a short hand version of fffps that I picked up while writing the code.

What will 3FPS feature?

3FPS will hopefully (open-source community willing) feature the following:
  1. Advanced AI
  2. Powerful module creation tools so that players can create their own games with the engine
  3. A multitude of weapons and powers wreck havoc
  4. Multiplayer deathmatch mode
  5. Completely customizable characters
  6. Huge, realistic, and totaly destroyable environments